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Designing Your Own Shirt On Our Website

Evolution Prints’ goal  was to create a website that would allow our customers, new and returning ones, to be able to design their own shirts.  All of our customers have different and amazing ideas, and having this tool allows them to have that freedom of doing a design they can do on their own.  Of course, if there is a design you prefer to have our trained designers do, please call or email us directly so we can help.  All designs done on our website are printed using Direct To Garment printing, also known as DTG printing.  This process is done by our staff taking your design file that you create, and we insert your chosen shirt (color and size) into our DTG printer, and your design gets printed directly onto the shirt and we then ship out to your designated shipping address.  It’s that simple, and our turn around time is 3 to 5 business days.  If we have questions about your design, we will contact you directly, otherwise, your design will automatically be processed once the design and payment is received.

Please check out our gallery for samples, as well as visiting us on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages @evolutionprints.  We are also listed on Yelp, Google+ and the local Yellow Pages.

Hope we can be of service for all your custom printing needs.

Otto – Owner

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