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What Evolution Prints Is And How We Came to Life

Evolution Prints was established in 2013.  The original idea was to make it strictly a custom t-shirt business, and quite frankly, it was supposed to be called BJ’s Custom Printing, named after my two sons, Bryan and Jacob.  BJ’s didn’t end up being a good name, even though there were a lot of ways (professionally and humorously) to advertise it.  So with help of some friends and a nice sized survey, Evolution Prints was born.

I decided to create this company for several reasons.  The main one, of course, was additional income.  For some reason or another, sometimes good and sometimes bad, I always want to think of ways of earning more money.  I always have lived with a mental motto of  “i’m sitting down doing nothing, i’m not making any money”.  So I kept thinking of what I can do that can be done part time, but still treat it like a full time job.  I worked for years in the nightclub/entertainment industry, so working late night hours has never hurt me, and in some cases, i was rewarded very well financially.  So I founded Evolution Prints.

Not only am I already familiar with graphic designing and using the applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Quickbooks, and other necessary programs, but I also have had the experience of building a business from the ground up.  I have created two other successful businesses of my own that did very well, one being a promotional company for nightclubs/bars and private events called Otto Entertainment, and the other is a DJ service provider called DJ’s On Wheels.  Aside from my own companies, I also helped others build strong companies that to this day, generate millions of dollars.  So I finally said to myself this year, I need to step my game up.  So I hope that Evolution Prints is that new chapter in my life that will lead me in that direction.

As i said earlier in this post, the goal was to create a custom t-shirt business, but when i started doing my research and going to these garment conventions, I realized that there was a lot more out there in regards to equipment that I wasn’t aware of.  So i started spending countless hours of research on forums, you tube and other places on the internet.  As a result, I decided to invest in a couple of high end, high tech printers and have trained extensively and have been able to produce so many high quality products, products that I used to purchase myself from others at much higher costs that I am now charging for.  I guess I can say, and have told people, I don’t charge “middle man” prices, I charge you “direct from owner/production line” prices.  Because of it, I can match or beat many competitors prices.

Our shop offers a ton of options in regards to business and personal custom printing.  We can basically do just about everything with the investment we made on all of our equipment.  Items include custom t-shirts, custom apparel, corporate apparel, sports jerseys, hats, beanies, wall & floor graphics, window graphics, business graphics (for advertising), vehicle graphics, car wraps, business cards, flyers, brochures, decals/stickers, canvas art, full colored banners, signage, steins, cups, mousepads, all custom made with our own designs or designs that our customers want to use.  Customers can put whatever they want on these items, whether its a personal picture, a company logo, details on an upcoming event, a product they sell, the options are endless.  I feel proud knowing that my business is not only by own company where i can set my own hours, but it is also a company that will be able to help people promote or create their own products or memories while saving money doing it as they don’t have to pay the high markups that salespeople try to collect a commission on.

We hope to provide services and products that people will be happy with the results, and enjoy them.  Our goal is to treat each customer like family, and providing the best customer service we can give since our future success is based on satisfying each and every customer.

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